Greetings from the CEO

Thank you for visiting Suntech Corporation's website.

As a manufacturer of automotive side view mirror and high-tech medical device, Suntech qualifies the competitiveness of a global corporation in all of the development, production, and sales criteria.

We are continuously developing highly valued products and expending our business field to maintain the corporation's growth power.

In addition, Suntech's high-tech medical device development has achieved recognition by the Korean government agencies such as the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology and Business Administration which allows us to participate in high-tech development projects as a sponsored corporation from the Korean government and Venture capital corporations.

By the time technical development completes and the mass production of high-tech medical device begins, the import substituting effect and global export will take place and bring another growth period for Suntech to become a bigger size corporation.

I ask for your continuous support and trust in the work of Suntech that pursues investment in R&D and effective marketing to become a competitive 'global No.1 corporation' in automotive industry and high-tech medical device industry.

Thank you very much.